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THE BOTANICAL EXPLORER is issued on an "as needed" basis.

Purchase online using the PAYPAL "Add to Cart" buttons below. Domestic orders will be shipped by Priority Mail, foreign orders will be shipped via Worldwide post. Shipping, Customs & PayPal fees will be added to each order.

  * BOTX-1, Nov 1999, (15 Pages, B/W)$30.00 Add to Cart
  * BOTX-2, Nov 2002, (20 Pages, B/W)$30.00 Add to Cart
  * BOTX-3, Oct 2003, (40 Pages, B/W)$30.00 Add to Cart
  * BOTX-4, Aug 2010, (140 Pages, COLOR)$150.00 Add to Cart

NOTE: Individuals and non-profit organizations may request a
discount on ISSUE-4 by contacting BOTX.

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